Cynthia Spellman MD

board certified psychiatrist

Making "Concierge Psychiatry"

accessible (online or in-office)

and affordable

What is Concierge Psychiatry

Concierge medicine is a healthcare model in which patients obtain enhanced and personalized medical services. This approach aims to provide a higher level of access, convenience, and personalized care to patients. While Concierge Primary Care charges an annual membership fee in addition to accepting your insurance Concierge Psychiatry has no extra fees at all but does not accept your insurance. You pay out of pocket for each visit. Dr. Spellman makes her fees affordable to most middle-class people. And she offers discounts to those that need them. You can also ask for insurance forms to submit yourself to try to get something back from your insurance if you have out-of-network benefits.

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Advantages of Concierge Psychiatry

More time & Attention

  • Extended and unhurried appointments enabling more in-depth discussions, preventive care, and addressing multiple concerns
  • unpacking emotions in psychotherapy
  • A holistic picture of all your needs
  • .

Medication Management

  • The option on Personalized Medicine based on your DNA . Can be anonymous - if needed.
  • Careful monitoring of medications prescribed and their possible interactions with your other medications

Reachable After Hours

  • Access to Dr. Spellman after-hours by text or phone
  • Many people use this convenience to get quick answers when they need them.

Privacy of Records

  • keeps your private records offline by handwriting them. Almost all other providers use electronic medical records which are available to all "business associates" and other entities.
  • Your handwritten psych records will be unavailable to anyone with out your written permission.


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“She is [if not] the most, one of the most, creative and artistically sensitive [of] persons I have [ever] had the honor of being-with of [being-with-in-time] of being with, philosophically speaking, of the other. I was re-awakened to my past – which connected me back to the present, and to what it means ‘to be’.” And there is no price to be

paid for that.”

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“Dr. Spellman is a kind, caring and very cutting edge Dr.is a true miracle worker!”

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“She is kind, caring, considerate and truly dedicated to her field; she’s a true professional. She makes herself available at any time, day of night, which is very comforting to me; I know she’s always there for me when I need her. Not only is she a GREAT psychiatrist, she’s just an all-around wonderful human being. I highly recommend Dr. Spellman for ANYONE struggling with mental health issues, like myself.”

If this would be your first appointment. please call or text Dr. Spellman at 973-216-2459

before you make the appointment for a free 5 minute chat

to see if she can help with your particular situation.

And let Dr. Spellman know if you need one of the two levels of discounts available

in order to make her services affordable to you.

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